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Do you need a boost or just a little help getting started? We may be able to help! These services are great for consultants just getting started with their practice, those who may want to build up their parting skill level, and even for those who simply may not have the time. Whatever the case, we are here for you. 


Hire us to get your client head started by setting up each section in accordance with Sisterlocks® guidelines. 

PARTING SET-UP ($15 / Section)

In addition to sectioning, we will begin parting in each of your sections and establish the first rows. This will allow you to then use the locs within each row as a guide to finishing. 


We will section out the entire client head and establish the first rows in each to give you a clear path to finish.  

Assistance is confidential. We will never require you to mention or advertise the use of our services. Feel free to contact us to request photos of our precision parting or to simply inquire about how we can help.